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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Work at Home : How to Increase Traffic to Your Website

Work at home is relatively easy so begin, but in order for you to increase your revenue levels, you must encourage more visitors to your website and more of the visitors must purchase your product.

What is web site traffic?

Once you decide to work at home with a product that you can market using a web page, you will want to create a professional appearing web page to show off your product to customers. Traffic is the people who are drawn to your web site through various means. Of course, your friends and family will be interested in looking at the web site and giving opinions about whether they like the design, but your web site must generate more traffic than lookers in order to be successful. Your web site traffic should find the information they need to become not lookers, but buyers.

Why is traffic important?

When you work at home, web site traffic is important for at least two reasons. The first is to explain to more visitors about the product or service you are providing at your web site. Obviously the more people who are aware of your product, the more likelihood that your sales will increase. The second reason why traffic to your web site is important is that it increases your page ranking at search engines such as Google. Because you receive more visitors, your page can be deemed more important and receive a higher ranking on the search results page created each time a searcher enters a search term.

What is conversion?

Once you bring traffic to your work at home web site, the next step is to convert the visitors to customers. Your conversion rate describes how well that you have accomplished this task. The conversion rate is usually based on the number of buyers divided by the number of visitors and is expressed as a percentage. Not only do you need to track your overall conversion rate, but your web site should be set up in such a way as to encourage visitors to convert from casual to focused visitors as an interim process. For example, your visitor may ask for a newsletter and provide an email address. That is considered an interim conversion.

Tips for improving traffic

When you work at home, it's important to improve the number of visitors to your site so that you will improve the number of sales you receive. There are several easy and low cost ways to improve the traffic you receive at your website, both in quality and in volume. First, make your web site full of interesting and informative information related to the product you sell, so that people will find your keyword rich articles and stay to purchase your product. Establish yourself as an expert on a particular aspect of your field through posts on interest forums. Design your web site to improve each visitors experience while there.

When traffic hurts you

Don't make the mistake of thinking that all traffic to your web site is good traffic. When you work at home, you should ensure that you don't add links to your web site that come from or go to less than helpful sites. Search engine spiders tend to give your web page a lower page ranking if you have many links from a link farm. It is much more helpful to have good quality links on your site so that you are obviously a respected expert on the subject in question.

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