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Friday, May 30, 2008

Work at Home : Equipping the Space

You need to create an appropriate setting and select the proper equipment that will enable you to work at home. Give the proper environment, your attempts in this regard would definitely succeed.

When you work in a corporate setting, often the equipment and other accouterments of the work space are regulated by law to some extent. When you work at home, you will want to make sure the setting is appropriate to the work you will be doing. Your comfort and efficiency will be important whether you are doing creative work or data manipulation work. Even though many individuals who start a home business simply carve a working area out of a corner of the den or in an unused bedroom, there are several things you should be aware of in equipping the space in which you work:


Lighting is critically important when you work at home. Not only do you need adequate artificial light for dark and cloudy days, but you must have natural light in order to feel your best. Use appropriate lighting in the number of watts recommended to brighten areas where you are reading, working at a computer, or creating a product for customers. Be aware of the illumination level of the lighting that you use. You should also consider the level of lighting and contrast on your computer monitor, particularly if much of your work involves staring at a monitor screen.


The furniture you use will depend upon the type of work at home that you do. If you are using a computer, you will want an appropriate system for the record keeping or for the work using the computer that you plan to accomplish. In most instances, purchasing a computer thinking that you can use it for work and for your teenagers to play games on simply won't work. It takes strength of will to maintain a separation between work equipment and personal equipment, but it's worth the effort. If you are sitting at a desk or computer for extended periods, make sure you have a good quality chair that's ergonomically designed and adjusted to your height.


Another adjust that you should consider when you plan to work at home is the concept of privacy and security. If you have toddlers who are going to stay at home instead of going to nursery school, or you have teenagers who want to use the computer for homework in the evening, you'll need to install a way to keep unwanted guests out of your work space and out of your computer files. A locking office door will keep children from raiding the desk drawer for paper and pens or your last CDs


Related to the issue of privacy is the issue of time. You cannot complete your work at home successfully if your time is being commandeered by spouse, children, chatty neighbor's or your daughter's teacher. Neither should you expect to do your best work only after anyone else in the household has gone to sleep. Set up a regular work schedule for job related activities and stick to it and you will find you need less time to accomplish the work than would have been required in a corporate setting.

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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Earn Money Online Survey : Making a difference in the products you use

The earn money online survey is getting increasingly popular these days. This is a great idea for both the company sponsoring the surveys and you. Learn why.

One of the reasons why companies pay so that you can earn money online survey completion is to shape and mold the products and services that they provide to you, the consumer. Companies that produce new products or that revise or refine existing products get ideas for those products or product refinements from the people who use them, among other sources. By completing surveys, you submit your opinion to be grouped or contrasted with others to provide input to the people in the business of deciding the future of a particular product. The data input from you can take any of several different forms:

Know your product

In order to earn money online survey completion, those completing the questionnaires must have a reasonable knowledge of the product they are reviewing. While it may be tempting to fake the answers, doing so not only invalidates the responses, but it means that the company cannot honestly evaluate what they are doing correctly or incorrectly in either the advertising or the product design. If the person completing the survey is not familiar enough with the product to venture an opinion, then he or she should not complete the survey at all.

Update your demographics

Before you begin, earn money online survey sites normally ask you to complete a profile so that surveys of interest to you and targeted to your income level and geographical location can be sent. When any of the components of your profile changes significantly, it should be upgraded with the companies that send you the surveys. For example, if you decided to get married, you would want to add a spouse to the profile. This may mean you will have access to even more money making surveys. If you have a new baby, your profile will change and you will be using different types of products than you did previously.

Try new products

If you want to earn money online survey completion easily, using a wide variety of products when you do your typical household shopping will help you know about more products and be able to rate them honestly and from experience. Rather than being stuck in a rut using the same products day after day, choosing a variety of household and recreation products will give you more information about different ways of doing things as well.

Save money

Not only do you earn money online survey completion sites, you usually will save some money for the products you use everyday. Some survey sites ask about your preferences when you complete a profile so that you can receive coupons and discounts for items you would normally purchase. Your grocery and household product budget dollars will go much further when you are using free coupons along with your regular shopping. These coupons and discounts are for nationally known brands or for new brands being test marketed in your area. Either way, you save money. Food, household items, recreational and entertainment products and travel discounts are just a few of the things where you can save money.

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Friday, May 16, 2008

Online Data Entry Jobs : Choosing a Company

You must choose a good online data entry jobs provider. For this to happen, you must choose on the basis of a few parameters. This article underlines a few of them.

More and more companies today are outsourcing online data entry jobs, making this one of the more lucrative work at home opportunities available. You must be cautious in choosing the companies that you work for, however, since there are many that will just take your sign up fee and then provide only stale leads or thinly disguised Internet marketing spam. Since many companies charge a set up fee, you may find it difficult to tell the legitimate companies from the scams. Here are some hints to help you find the best jobs on the Internet for working at home.


Online data entry jobs that are handled by companies or sites that have been around for a while are the most likely to be legitimate work at home opportunities. Companies that scam the public or that have a poor payment record are unlikely to stay around very long, simply because there are forums and discussion sites where information about who to avoid is posted for all to see. A company that has only been in business for a few weeks or months and is promising the moon may be perfectly legitimate, but is more likely one which is not to be trusted. Look for a track record of legitimate job postings and prompt payment.

Customer service

You should be able to reach the company directly through a customer service number. Online data entry jobs from companies where there is no way to contact customer service or where the representatives are not knowledgeable about the company are automatically suspect. If the representative cannot make themselves understood in English, you may have trouble getting yourself understood in the event of a payment problem. You should be able to ask questions of a person who can respond with good answers.

Good reputation

Look for the company that you are considering for online data entry jobs through your favorite Internet search engine. If they have a web presence, check to see if there is a forum attached where people can post comments. You may also want to check the various review sites for the general reputation of the company. Another place to check for the reputation of the company is at the Better Business Bureau. This will tell you if the company has a record of poor or slow payment, if they have poor communication characteristics and if they have ethical and professional attitude toward customers.

Subject matter

The type of online data entry jobs that you choose should be based on the type of interest that you have. If you have concerns about technical writing on subjects that you have little knowledge of or interest in, then you shouldn't accept work that focuses on technical writing subjects. If you are uncomfortable with adult websites or businesses, then don't accept assignments from such businesses. You won't be able to do a good job for the customer even if they are willing to pay more. It is not a financial issue, it's an ethics issue with certain types of data entry work.

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Thursday, May 8, 2008

Make Money Online : How to Increase Your Customer Base

The more the customers you have, the better your chances of making money. The article, helps you make money online by showing you how to increases the customer list.

An entrepreneur usually begins the home-based business online as a small one-person operation, but with hopes of transmuting the hobby or lifestyle choices into a functional and profitable business. In order for the business to grow, the business owner must increase the number of customers served, or the intensity of the order stream must be increased. A third option is to add new products or services that appeal to more potential customers. Here are some tips you can use that will allow you to increase your customer base while you make money online.

Narrow your focus

Surprisingly enough, one way to increase your customer base and make money online is to narrow the scope of your advertising and marketing efforts. If you've been using a scattergun approach, your marketing campaigns may not always reach the people who are most likely to purchase your product or service. In the world of marketing, more is not necessarily better. By choosing your product characteristics and matching your marketing efforts to the people who are most likely to use your product, you will have more targeted advertising and you are much more likely to be in contact with the individuals who are going to use your service.

Know your market

Before you can increase your customer base, you must understand who your customers are. If you approach marketing without understanding the dynamics of your customers, much of your advertising efforts will be wasted. You may think that you want to sell to everyone who gets on the Internet, but your customer base is more likely to increase if you are aiming your marketing efforts at the characteristics of the people who are going to have an interest in your product or service already. In other words, if you are marketing sheet music for the dulcimer, you probably won't find too many customers in the bass guitar music web sites, so if your advertising is limited to the wrong site, you are less likely to make money online.

Price it right

Related to the advice to know your market is the idea of pricing your product correctly. You don't want customers to look at the product or scroll to the bottom of the web page to check the price and go on to another page. You won't commonly get into a price discussion if the customer believes it is way too high for the item or service. The customer wants to get the best possible price on the product and so does the seller, usually there is a significant difference between the want of the customer and the price of the product. You can't make money online if the customer is not willing to pay the price you set.

Ask them again

Repetition is often the only way to turn a visitor into a purchaser and make money online. When a customer sees a business name several times, they are more likely to gain name recognition through consistent viewing of your company name or logo. When it comes time to purchase the product in the normal course of living; the effective advertising plan will make sure to ask the targeted consumer to purchase the product using more than one means of expression.

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