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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Paid Survey: Who Pays and Why?

A paid survey is one of the easier ways to earn money on the net. This articles tell you all about it and answers the ‘who and why’ of such surveys.

A paid survey is a type of questionnaire that is completed by a person or entity that uses a specific product or service. They describe their experience with the product and how well the product is suited for their specific use. In return for completing the survey, the person completing the questions will receive some type of paid recompense for their time and effort. This payment may be in cash, it may be in coupons or discounts for the product or related products in the future, or it may be in the form of the product itself. For example, the person doing the survey may be asked to use a particular product for a period of time and then report on the usage experience.

Who pays?

Directly or indirectly, it is the manufacturer of the product who pays for the paid survey. Directly, the company may send a small check to those people who turn in a certain form online or through the mail. Surveys are often taken online nowadays with immediate response. In other instances, it will be a marketing branch or separate entity that makes payment for completing the survey. Again, this may be done directly or through a marketing company attached to the manufacturing concern

Why does the company pay for surveys?

There are several reasons why a company arranges for a paid survey. First, they may get first hand information about the product itself. Who are the customers, who purchase the product and how well does it fit their expectations. This is considered market research by the manufacturing concern and is fairly representative of how the product is doing overall on the open market. This segment of respondents to the surveys are those who have actually used the target product and are able to give an informed opinion on its usefulness.

Advertising campaign review

Another purpose in using a paid survey is to test the efficacy of an advertising campaign in a particular area. If a company is advertising through some particular venue in a geographical locale and wants to see how well the campaign is doing, asking consumers whether they have heard of the product and whether they have purchased the product is a type of paid survey that is very helpful. If the consumers are a targeted age group or income level, those things can be tested as well through the use of a survey.

Primary advertising

Another reason for a paid survey is to advertise the product directly. By asking consumers about a product that is relatively unknown, there will be increased interest and hopefully purchases. By providing the product as partial payment, or as a bonus for completing a survey, the consumer's attention will be drawn to the specific product and hopefully create an interest in purchasing the product for themselves in the future. Asking about a specific product that has been on the market and providing discount coupons as a bonus for completing a survey will tie the new product to a familiar one which helps in product name recognition and consumer security.

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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Data Entry Jobs From Home : The Best of Both Worlds

Data entry jobs from home are the perfect choice for people who don’t want to end up confined to the four walls of the office. They offer the responsibilities of an office, integrated with the comfort of your own home.

Data entry jobs from home are the wave of the future for many businesses and individuals. The work is accomplished by choosing specific projects that can be completed at home with transmittal of project guidelines and return of the completed project to the originator done via the Internet. Payment is usually accomplished through electronic means, although some companies cut a check to mail to the worker on a regular basis. Pay rates are dependent upon the complexity of the work, the deadline expected and the level of writing required. Work from home is a preferred solution for many companies and for many workers. It's a win-win situation that pays off for all concerned.

Flexible hours

Data entry jobs from home provide flexible hours for the contract labor. The hours that the worker puts in on the job are totally under the control of the person with the contract. There are deadlines, of course that will need to be met, but meeting those deadlines is done by structuring the work time of the home worker. If he or she wants to work while the toddler is taking a nap, much can be accomplished during a two hour uninterrupted stretch of time. If the work must wait until the parent gets back from a function during school hours, there is no need to arrange with the boss for time off.

Lower cost

There are a number of expenses that go along with working at a corporate job that we sometimes take for granted. For example, if you commute any distance at all to get to your work site, you may be adding hundreds of dollars in expenses to your annual budget. Consider the cost of gas and oil, repairs on your automobile, parking fees, insurance rates, wear and tear on the auto, and tire replacement. Consider instead the commuting cost if you travel on foot from your bedroom to your home office to accomplish data entry jobs from home.

Job satisfaction

Data entry jobs from home can lead to much greater job satisfaction. It is assumed that you will be working at jobs and subjects that you truly enjoy. In addition, you will be working the hours that you prefer and you will be able to spend additional time doing other things that you enjoy doing. The sense of satisfaction gained from completing a specific project and seeing a positive feedback notice on your website can be worth a great deal in self-esteem.

Better surroundings

Some people work their corporate jobs in high rise office towers with the daytime hours spent staring at the walls of a tiny cubicle. Others are more fortunate and can have an office and a desk, but their time is still bounded by the time clock. When you do data entry jobs from home you can set up your working space to please every sense. If you prefer to work with music in the background, you get to choose the music. If you want to work bare foot, you can kick your shoes off. There is a great deal of satisfaction in your job when you are doing what YOU want to do.

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Saturday, April 19, 2008

Make Money From Home : The First Steps

To make money from home, you need to follow a step by step process. This systematic approach is essential to the success of your money making endeavor.

Thousands of people decide that they need to make money from home in order to help out on income or just because there are so many companies trying to convince you how easy it is to make a fortune working right from the kitchen table. While it is not impossible to do well by picking a work from home opportunity and sticking with it, it doesn't always happen that way. In fact it is more likely to end up costing you money than making money. Here are some things to keep in mind before jumping on the 'work at home' bandwagon.

Dream a dream

Every action starts with a dream. You must have a dream within your soul to do something different with your work life in order to carry through with the slogging steps that will eventually be required. Set aside an afternoon or a day or even a week if you can spare it to focus on what you want from your life. Look at your past experiences and define what the lessons are that you learned about living and working. Next, dream about how those experiences can be used to make money from home.

Start from where you are

When you want to make money from home, one of the most important steps is to start from where you currently are. This is more than the physical sense of location. Start from where you are emotionally. Start from where you are physically, Start from where you are financially. Start from where you are experientially. There are two components to the above advice. First, you must start. Thinking about doing something is never as effective as actually starting. Second, think about where you are on all levels before choosing a way to earn from home.

Focus on your goals

Once you've defined your dreams and started the baby steps toward your goal, focus on those goals in order to make money from home. Before choosing to wait another day until you start the journey toward financial freedom, think about your long term goals. Does buying that new pair of designer jeans move you toward your goal? Does taking the class in financial management help you toward your goal? You are expected to have a business plan for your business, why not consider developing one for your life as well?

Check your understanding

Your understanding of the corporate business world may be very complete. That doesn't necessarily mean that you are ready to leave the corporate world behind and launch yourself into the lifestyle where you make money from home. You need to prepare yourself mentally and emotionally, but also physically and financially to make the move into your new lifestyle. Prepare in advance as much as possible. If you are able, build your home based business while still working your outside job. If you can manage a temporary leave of absence, treat it as a dress rehearsal for working at home. The more aspects of your new lifestyle that you can practice, the fewer surprises you will find.

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Friday, April 11, 2008

Get Paid for Surveys : Join Free Now and Start Making It As Your Job

There are quite a few people who are circumspect about earning from surveys. You get paid for surveys and its easy money. Learn more about them and whether they are meant for you or not.

There are many advertisements on the Internet today that offer home workers the opportunity to get paid for surveys. Typically, the solicitation will encourage the home worker to apply for one or more positions with duties of providing opinions about a particular product or service. The work is described as easy and profitable and requires a low investment to begin--typically in the $40 to $80 range. The companies mentioned in the solicitation are those with name recognition and are often for products used on a daily basis in Western society. The information says that companies would rather pay real users for their opinions than to set up artificial testing laboratories that don't display how people actually will react to the product.

What does it pay?

To get paid for surveys is the whole point of choosing this type of work at home method. Often though, respondents will decide to do the survey work without having a clear idea of how much money realistically can be achieved. This may be a totally different figure than what the solicitation quotes as payment that can be earned. In choosing a survey company to work for, be sure you get some realistic figures about typical earnings then relate these to your own situation.

Can I do the work?

In most instances, to get paid for surveys, you must complete the surveys online with a response about your experience with a product. This type of work is within the capability of anyone who can read and follow written instructions. However, you must be cautious when accepting a survey job that it is not just a thinly disguised solicitation to get your email address in order to send you unwanted materials via email. Review the offers carefully and make sure you understand what you are agreeing to review for the company.

Are there hidden fees?

If you think you can get paid for surveys without any expenditure of funds, you probably are being unrealistic. However, to get started in the work will probably mean very minimal outlay and most surveys only require than you have the persistence to wade through the unwanted offers while retaining those that will be profitable in the long run. Fees can include shipping and handling costs to accept a 'free' products; fees to purchase a list of companies needing survey takers, and fees to provide membership in survey forums.

Is the work sustainable?

As long as there are companies advertising on the Internet, you can get paid for surveys. This may not be the advertising method of priority for the company, but it does get the company name out to thousands of people during the course of taking the survey. This is a type of advertising that is beneficial to the company.

Surveys are usually fun to do when it's a product you either really like or really hate. You will feel like you are making a difference in company policy about a particular product. You are told that your opinion helps the manufacturer shape product lines and product characteristics.

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Friday, April 4, 2008

Data Entry Services : What Can I Expect?

People, sometimes don’t know what to expect from data entry services. Some pile up their expectations too high, only to see them scatter at their feet. Hence, be aware of what you can expect.

Data entry services can mean any of various tasks that are performed to collect, transfer, manipulate, create and report on information, both numerical and textual. The type of work, the disposition of the information and the complexity of the work will depend upon the company that is placing the project for bid. By picking and choosing the jobs and the company that you work with carefully, you can determine the nature of the work that you are expected to complete. You can also set the deadlines and the basic structure of the project work schedule.

You can expect reasonable pay

The amount of pay for any single data entry services position will depend upon the difficulty of the work. You can get tasks that range from simple entry of numbers and names in a particular field to complete e-books with careful research and bibliographical materials cited. Be careful when you are expected to bid for the job that you understand the extent of the work that will be required for satisfactory completion of the task. Once you have accepted a contract job, you will probably not be allowed to change the terms of the work.

You can expect flexible work hours

When you provide data entry services, you won't be stuck on a time clock in most instances. Your usual work schedule will be set by your own wants and desires. If you are a late riser and want to sit down at your computer at three in the afternoon, that's perfectly acceptable. If you prefer to awaken and work from four in the morning until noon, that's okay too. Your daily schedule will be what is best for your personality and home circumstances. It is important that you be aware of deadlines that will be attached to some of the work you accept and that you complete work according to the agreed upon deadlines.

You can expect some bumps in the road

Everything is not likely to work perfectly when you begin working at home. Data entry services may not be the type of work you are accustomed to. You may not be used to having quite as much freedom in scheduling and work choice. If you are the type of person who thrives in a structured environment, you will undoubtedly find the flexible scheduling to be a little frightening at first. You'll also need to guard your work time from frivolous interruptions by others who think that if you work at home it isn't really working.

You can expect great job satisfaction

Data entry services provided from your home may not be a work choice for everyone, but those who have the self-discipline to structure their own work environment will often find that the work provides a great deal of job satisfaction when they settle into their routine that works for them. Being able to drop work constraints for a couple hours or a couple days on very short notice is a luxury few people in the corporate employment situation can claim.

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